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Lino-cut &
Rubber Stamping

Process: Linocut is an intricate craft with a rich folk history and roots in activism. It is a more time consuming process than digital work due to cutting/inking/drying times, but highly bespoke, textured and powerful in its communication.

Collingwood Norris - Brand Stamp, 2022

Collingwood Norris - Brand Stamp, 2022

Fisherman Price - Narrative Portrait, 2022

Our Friends, 2020

Arthur Brown, 2021

Personal work, 2021

Penguin Books- Vintage Dept, 2019

Penguin Books- Vintage Dept, 2018

The Hudsonbec Group, 2019

Univercity Project, 2018

Soccer Bible, 2018

The Good Life Society, 2021

Hole & Corner Magazine, 2021

Personal project, 2021

Private Commission, 2021

Editorial Experiments, 2020

Penguin Books- Vintage Dept, 2020

CampbellHay, 2020

Ambit Magazine, 2018

Tortoise Media, 2019

Canvas 8 (Google), 2020

Speculative Editorial (Guardian), 2018

Arthur Brown, 2022