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Conceptual & Editorial Illustration

Process: I primarily work digitally, focussing on narrative, character, and handmade textures. I can also champion the bespoke process of linocut printmaking for suitable projects.

Turnaround times:
my digital process is fast; I am comfortable under deadline-induced constraints - ideal for editorial. Linocut is more bespoke and takes longer due to cutting/inking/drying times.

Team Bonding
Champions League:
Champions Journal, 2023

Circular Economy
Berenberg Bank, 2023

Stargazing in the city
The Greenwich Peninsulist, 2022

Glen Dye - Cabbins & Cottages Field Guide
Good Life Society, 2022

A Brief History of Beer
Ferment, 2022

Art of football
Pickles Mag, 2022

Rise of the Ndrangheta Mafia
Guardian - Today in Focus (Speculative), 2022

Rise of the Ndrangheta Mafia
Guardian - Today in Focus (Speculative), 2022

Nemesis of the Normans
BBC History, 2021

Merchants of Doom
BBC History, 2021

Future in the workplace
Tortoise, 2020

America Rebooted
Personal Print, 2021

Football & Politics  
Pickles Mag, 2020

Personal Print, 2021

Spreading Love
The Observer, 2023

Home Health/Fitness Tech
The Hollywood Reporter, 2023

100 Most influential Companies  
TIME Magazine, 2022

The Future of Work
Big Issue, 2021

Tree of Wisdom 
Hole & Corner, 2021

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Life After Covid (Napoli) 
La Repubblica, 2022

Community, Protest, Change 
Ferment, 2021

AI in the workplace
Tortoise, 2021

Student finance
Guardian, 2020

America Reckoning
Canvas 8, 2020

Editorial Newspaper GIFs
Personal, 2020

The Fight for Civil Rights 
Tortoise, 2020

24-Hour News
Guardian (Speculative), 2021