Laurie graduated from Kingston School of Art in 2018 and works as a freelance illustrator across the industry: specialzing in editorial, branding and publishing. His signature style is bold and intricate, championing the handmade process of linocut printmaking. He can also mirror this approach digitally for quicker turnaround projects. 

Clients include: The Guardian, Penguin Books, BBC History, Tortoise, SoccerBible, The Good Life Festival, Our Friends, CampbellHay Branding, Vinyl Moon, Canvas 8, Pickles Magazine, Seed Magazeen and It’s Nice That.

His personal practice is rooted in printmaking and activism, with a sustained exploration into the UK’s refugee crisis and he also runs various relief printing based workshops with creative studios and the general public. 

Alongside his personal practice, he is also a founding member of Minute Books, a performative press that illustrate and produce live publications of events. Clients include: The Barbican, It’s Nice That, Somerset House and Cancer Research. They were recently published in the Observer Newpaper for their coverage of the Women’s World Cup.
Laurie works in a sunny studio in Brighton.


+44 7444393007


It’s Nice That: ‘31 Nights in Europe is a poignant documentation of Britain’s final month in the EU’ January, 2020

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Brighton Journal: ‘Artist Of The Week’ March 9, 2019

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The Society of British and International Design: ‘Designed for Business Student Competition’ Finalist 2018


Crit Club Conversations, Art Wave, Hillcrest Community Centre, 2019