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Laurie Avon is a freelance illustrator and printmaker based in Brighton, UK. 

Represention in UK/EU: Brilliant Artists

National Theatre, The Roald Dahl Story Company, Champions League, Rapha, The Hollywood Reporter, The Observer, Guardian, TIME, La Reppublica, Big Issue, Berenberg Bank, Beer52 & Ferment, Penguin Books, BBC History, Tortoise, Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages, The Peninsulist, Mapology Guides, Galison Puzzeles, SoccerBible, The Good Life Festival, Our Friends, CampbellHay, Vinyl Moon, Canvas 8, Pickles Mag, Seed Magazeen, Scriberia, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and It’s Nice That.

Process: primarily working digitally with a focus on narrative, character and handmade textures; I also champion the bespoke process of linocut printmaking for certain projects.

Turnaround times: digital process is fast and comfortable under deadline-induced constraints - ideal for editorial and reportage. Linocut is more bespoke but takes longer due to cutting/inking/drying times.

Press: Some Good Ideas ‘Stuff I love - Laurie Avon’ 2021 It’s Nice That ‘31 Nights in Europe’ 2020  / Observer ‘Goal Lines: Sketches of Womens World Cup’ 2019  /  It’s Nice That: ‘Illustrated Women's World Cup’ 2019 /  Stylist Loves ‘Festive events that don’t cost a thing’ 2019 /  It’s Nice That ‘Laurie Avon... utilising the power, persuasion and human qualities of print’ 2019  /  Lecture In Progress: ‘Creative Lives’ May 9, 2019  /  Brighton Journal: ‘Artist Of The Week’ March 9, 2019  /  Computer Arts: ‘Pick Of Best Graduates’ Issue #282, 2018  /  The Society of British and International Design ‘Designed for Business Student Competition’ Finalist 2018.

Exhibitions: Design Museum ‘Football: Designing the Beautiful Game’ 2022 Crit Club Conversations, Art Wave, Hillcrest Community Centre, 2019 / ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION FUTURES, Candid Arts, 2018