Voices Of Dissent

Ink illustration printed onto potato sack cotton, steel frame cast into cement blocks
Above: Images of 2018 Voices Of Dissent - Protest Banner
                  Voices Of Dissent is a social commentary visualising the polarizing viewpoints and flawed structural support of displaced people in the UK. Within it both right wing and left wing voices are represented through illustration, enabling people with different beliefs and backgrounds to recognize themselves in the work, providing the viewer with the opportunity to take on opposing ideas and a greater perspective of the crisis. The centre of the banner also provides a visual manifesto of the Home Office, representing  picturing it’s flawed support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the UK.
                  Laurie hopes that one day the banner will be printed onto billboards and advertisements throughout the UK: infiltrating everyday people’s lives and starting new conversations to raise greater awareness and understanding into the crisis.

Below: Voices Of Dissent - Process Work
Various Mediums