Roddy Doyle / Two for the Road

Book jacket artwork / December 2019 
From Roddy Doyle, Two for the Road (Penguin)

            Illustrated cover for Roddy Doyle’s ‘Two for the Road’, published and commissioned by the Vintage department at Penguin Random House. (More images will be available upon its release.)

      Two men meet for a pint - or three - in a Dublin pub. They chew the fat, set the world to rights and mourn friends gone: David Bowie, Prince, Princess Leia and Young Frankenstein. Around them, the world of Brexit, Trump, war and referendums storms, but some things never change.

Inspired by the last five years of news, Roddy Doyle’s Two for the Road offers a strong brew of Roddy Doyle’s comic genius - to be downed in one riotous sitting, or savoured over laugh after laugh.