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Book jacket artwork / Release date tbc 2021 
From Roddy Doyle, The Complete Two Pints

            Illustrated cover for Roddy Doyle’s ‘The Complete Two Pints’, published and commissioned by the ‘Vintage’ department at Penguin, Random House. 

Two men meet for a pint or three in a Dublin pub...

In 2012, Roddy Doyle began publishing his Two Pints series, and now, eight years later, his books and Two Pints play are collected for the first time in paperback. Inspired by the last eight years of news, The Complete Two Pints offers a strong brew of Roddy Doyle's comic genius - to be downed in one riotous sitting, or savoured over, laugh after laugh.


Book mockup, print, lino block / Release date tbc 2021
From Roddy Doyle, The Complete Two Pints