Roddy Doyle / Charlie Savage 

Book jacket artwork / Release March 2019 
From Roddy Doyle, Charlie Savage (Penguin)

              Full wrap-around illustration created for Charlie Savage, the new novel by acclaimed author Roddy Doyle, published and commissioned by the Vintage department at Penguin, Random House. 

              Meet Charlie Savage: a middle-aged Dubliner with an indefatigable wife, an exasperated daughter, a drinking buddy who’s realized that he’s been a woman all along… Compiled here for the first time is a whole year’s worth of Roddy Doyle’s hilariousseries for the Irish Independent. Giving a unique voice to the everyday, he draws a portrait of a man – funny, loyal, somewhat bewildered – trying to keep pace with the modern world (if his knees don’t give out first).

Process work - Samples / 2018
From Roddy Doyle, Charlie Savage

Process work - Various Roughs / 2018
From Roddy Doyle, Charlie Savage